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4th Generation Family-Owned Business

JW Moore Vineyards started in Lodi CA in 1894. Orazaba and James Leroy Moore came to Lodi from Georgia and began their farming operations. Now after 126 years, our 4th generation farmer, Wendy Moore (pictured below), with her mother Marilyn Moore, continue to manage what is now 180 acres of West Side Lodi vineyards. The highly desired location produces quality fruit year after year. 



Generation after generation, our family has continued to take pride in our vineyards. It is important to put back what we take out of the ground. With this farming practice the land we farm will remain bountiful for generations to come. It is because of this mentality that we are currentluy farming under Lodi Rules. Lodi Rules is a sustainable farming program that has a third party auditing system to hold growers accountable. 

Quality grapes that you can

trust for your wines.

Are you tired of getting sub par grapes when you are paying a premium price? Start sourcing your grapes from us and you will not be dissapointed. We will work will all winemakers to determine which blocks fit your winemaking style. We are willing to accommodate specific needs or requests to get to your ideal technical specs.

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